6 Simple SEO Tips for Beginners

Select a keyword

Start by choosing a keyword or phrase that you want to appear on the first page of search results. It should be a word that summarizes your entire content.

Choosing an SEO keyword is essential, so carefully think about which one to choose. Keep in mind not to be too broad. For example, “SEO” is too wide, however, “SEO Tips for Beginners” is better.

Once you decide which keyword to use, it may be a good idea to use Google tools, such as Keyword Planner. This is to investigate how common the word is, how competition looks and get suggestions on relevant keywords.

Write a good title

The title should contain the keyword you selected in the first step. Bet on a title with 8-12 words and max 65 characters. If you use over 65 characters, the entire title will not appear in search results.

Use clear headlines

It’s important to use precise headlines, not only because they make content more accessible, but also because it contributes to better SEO. Headlines help Google to pick up the most important topics from your site that can help you with your ranking in search results.

Today’s readers are impatient, so when they search for something specific in your text, subheadings are an efficient way for them to find the right one.

Also, be sure to use the keyword in any of the headings to further strengthen SEO.

Include the keyword in the URL

As you may already have understood, it’s important that the keyword is linked to as many places as possible – even in the address. If you are browsing your browser window now, the keyword “SEO pages” is included in the address for this post.

Use the keyword continuously

Try to include the keyword in the first or second sentence on the page so that Google will like you. The sooner, the better. As you can see in this post, the keyword is in the first sentence.

The keyword should also be included in several other places in the content. Just make sure you do not insert the word so often that your text becomes illegible.

Write with depth.

Keep in mind that you do not have too little text content on the page you want to search optimize. Try to keep the minimum requirement of 300 words. One recommendation is to stick to 500-750 words on one page.

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